AMY MILBRANDT participated in Discarded to Divine at the de Young Museum in San Francisco with her “Cross of Armor Dress,” reconstructed from vintage garments sourced from St. Vincent de Paul in San Francisco.  Discarded to Divine features a collection of one-of-a-kind fashion creations and exquisite home décor created from discarded clothing and materials, benefitting the St. Vincent de Paul Society’s services to people battling poverty, homelessness and domestic violence.

The story from St. Vincent de Paul…

Since its origin in 2005, Discarded To Divine has helped rebuild men and women through both direct service and increased public awareness. With help from designers and visionary volunteers, Discarded To Divine has become more than a fundraiser–it is now a movement that embraces charity and sustainability to restore the lives of those around us. Volunteers and staff themselves changed by this transformation, touched by people grateful for the simple things we take for granted—a hot meal, clean clothes, a safe place to sleep. Discarded To Divine is about renewing the lives of both the less-fortunate and those helping them.

This year’s event supports our work with the poor and with the thousands of women and their children who suffer from domestic violence. Nearly one in four women in the United States will experience some form of domestic violence during their lives. The St. Vincent de Paul Society operates the largest continuum of domestic violence shelters and services in San Francisco, with more than half of all domestic violence beds in the City. We serve clients who other agencies can not help, including undocumented women who do not even know they are protected by federal law. These women strive only for self-sufficiency and safety. Help us help these women and children attain a room of their own, furnishing their renewed lives with your gifts.

Join us in continuing this movement into the next decade. The future of battered women and children, the homeless and the impoverished depends upon our commitment to supporting each other and embracing the vision of hope and renewal in us all.

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