2010 Winter IllustrationThe inspiration for my Winter 2010 Collection was based on the beautiful and talented Italian actress, Monica Vitti.  I first discovered Vitti when watching one of her most popular movies of the 1960’s, “L’Avventura” by her lover (at that time) Michelangelo Antonioni.  Her striking features and mysterious demeanor drew me in to explore some photography of Vitti from the sixties and her characters.  I wanted to incorporate a sixties/Vitti vibe into the Winter collection while keeping it modern, simple and sexy.  The color story relates back to my sixties inspiration and the fabric consists of a very luxurious silk jersey, Italian gold/textured lame silk, an Armani silk geo print, and an Italian red wool/lycra. The silhouette is classic with slim fitting skirts, tunic tops, pleated flare skirts, and an asymmetrical slim fitting dress.  Each design is named after Vitti and the unique characters from her sixties films.
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